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ASICS GLIDERIDE: Energy saving technology

ASICS GLIDERIDE: Energy saving technology

5. 2. 2020 2 min. reading

With the aim to save energy during running, Asics developed new Glideride.

Guidesole technology is aimed at runners with an ergonomically curved sole to reduce energy loss. Minimizes foot movement through lighter stride.
In tests, GLIDERIDE™ has been scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce total energy loss at the ankle joint, where runners expend the most energy
  • Improve cushioning for increased comfort
  • Reduce weight while maintaining stability to provide both performance and protection

To demonstrate what energy saving really means for runners, ASICS put the theory to the test in a unique race on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah on 7 September 2019. The race, designed by an expert team of sports scientists, RUNKEEPER™ data analysts, elite coaches and engineers saw 30 runners of different abilities from around the world put the latest technology and theory in running performance to the test. Participants explored how energy saving technology can assist them in improving performance in the ultimate battle against themselves in a race without a finish line.

Asics Glideride 
Yasuhito Hirota, ASICS President and COO, said: “This latest innovation is a major milestone in achieving our goal to make our energy saving technology available to all runners. In Spring 2020, we will launch the next shoe in the family, EVORIDE™. And it doesn’t finish there. ASICS commitment to this new category extends beyond footwear with the planned introduction of further innovations to our in-store and on-line services”.
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