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ASICS Superblast - Ambassador Review

ASICS Superblast - Ambassador Review

8. 12. 2022 2 min. reading

Run on another level with the new ASICS Superbalst. Our Ambassador Leon talks about the latest ASICS running shoe and what makes the difference to the ASICS Novablast and Metaspeed Sky +

ASICS Superblast: The first impression! 

When I first put on the shoe, I directly noticed three things.
1) The ASICS Superblast is extremely light.
2) The ASICS Superblast has an extremely good fit - it feels very comfortable on the foot and is neither too big nor too small.
3) The materials of the ASICS Superblast are very high quality and you feel directly comfortable in this running shoe.

ASICS Superblast: What makes the difference? 

The ASICS Superblast provides a significant trampoline effect with every step. This is much stronger than in the ASICS Novablast. The new Superblast is not hyper-bouncy, but gives a bump-absorbing, smooth flowing running feel that transitions well into forward propulsion. Furthermore, the shoe ensures that you feel much more fresh even on longer runs later on, so you still get a powerful and energetic running feeling for a long time. This makes every training session even more fun!

ASICS Superblast: The review after 2 weeks!

The new Superblast from ASICS is a very good training shoe, which in my opinion is particularly well made for long endurance runs and also fast, longer tempo sessions. But also for recovery runs, the Superblast is a great companion to save energy. Thanks to the comfortable cushioning, you always have a feeling of support and avoid injuries, even at high training volumes.

For running beginners, the ASICS Superblast is also a great racing shoe and will help to achieve new best times.

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