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Cracked heels after running: Causes, prevention and help

Cracked heels after running: Causes, prevention and help

13. 9. 2022 4 min. reading

Cracked heels after running are a problem for several runners. It will make uncomfortable your running trainings and also everyday being. What are the most common causes and what works as prevention or first aid?

The beginnings of running or frequent runs, in addition to endorphins and a great feeling, can also bring minor problems - blisters or cracked heels. This is not a life-threatening problem, but cracked heels can make running and every day being very uncomfortable. What are the symptoms?

  • Stage 1 - Red, sensitive and dry feet
  • Stage 2 - Itching, burning
  • Stage 3 - Cracked and peeling skin
  • Stage 4 - Bleeding from cracks

And one more thing, in addition to the above-mentioned symptoms, cracked heels are accompanied by an unaesthetic appearance of the feet. Individual phases are ranked according to importance. It is true that the sooner you notice the problem and start solving it, the sooner the skin will get back to normal.

What are the causes of cracked heels?

The most common cause of cracked heels is insufficient hydration of the skin. The risk of cracked heels is several times higher for runners. It is caused by footfalls and impacts during running or by a more frequent stay of a sweaty foot in a shoe.

Other common causes are:

  • Inappropriate shoes, socks, and their materials
  • Inadequate drinking regime, big amount of processed food, or lack of vitamins and minerals
  • As you age, the risk of cracked heels increases as the skin loses its natural elasticity
  • You may also have a genetic predisposition to dry and subsequently cracked skin or have a disease such as psoriasis or diabetes


How to prevent and help cracked heels

Heels are generally a very neglected part of the body when it comes to prevention. If you run, you need to take care of your legs and feet and give them sufficient care. What can you do right now? Choose functional running socks, running shoes with a breathable upper or special shoe inserts, such as CURREX, which absorb sweat perfectly. Even if the foot sweats while running, the most modern technology will maintain the optimal temperature in the shoe and significantly reduce its evaporation.

That''s not all. How else can you help yourself?

  • Creams or petroleum jelly - There is a number of creams for cracked heels that will provide the foot with the necessary hydration, soften the skin and improve its appearance.
  • File for hardened skin - Pedicure works best in this case, but you can also sand hard skin at home. First, soak your feet in lukewarm water and then scrub the skin with a file or pumice stone.
  • Hydration - Clear water has a great influence on the functioning of the entire body. Cracked heels and dry skin are no different. Make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, if you run or train, add an extra 1 liter. If you don''t manage to drink enough, get your own bottle and have it always by hand!
  • Balanced and nutrition-rich food - To function properly, the body needs sufficient and high-quality fuel. Focus on the intake of unprocessed foods, which should make up the majority of your diet plan. Make sure you have enough protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Regular supplementation of minerals such as calcium or zinc will also help you with dry skin.

When treating cracked heels, persist and be patient. As in running. Miracles do not happen after one lubrication or a balanced meal. Therefore, make foot care a relaxing routine. Healthier and more beautiful feet will come slowly but surely!


Cracked heels - Home remedies

If you like home treatment and prevention, try home remedies. For example, vegetable oils (olive or coconut) that you apply to your feet before going to bed are effective. You can also make a homemade peeling from lemon, honey, and rice flour or lubricate your feet with good old Czech lard at night.

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