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New Release: NB FuelCell Supercomp Elite v3

New Release: NB FuelCell Supercomp Elite v3

23. 1. 2023 1 min. reading

Built for Race Day. Introducing the NB Fuelcell Supercomp Elite v3.

The brand new FuellCell Supercomp Elite v3 gives you extra energy which you can see and feel. The ultimate goal? To get you faster for longer.


New Features

NB's new running shoe gives you a bouncy, energetic feeling at every step. That powerful feeling is possible because of New Balance’s brand-new shoe technology: 

Their highest rebound FuelCell foam combined with their newest Energy Arc technology. Something else a true racing shoe shouldn't be missing in 2023? On top of that, a carbon plate with advanced carbon fiber plate geometries. This shoe is built for your race day.

The FuelCell Supercomp Elite v3 has a drop of only 4mm and weighs 228g.

Launching on February, 1st on

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