Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

16. 2. 2021 3 min. reading

Designed to help reduce injury and make running feel easy.

Nike always believed that humans have the potential to achieve anything. But each year, too many runners are sidelined by injury, preventing them from reaching their goals. And therefore, they started to ask some questions: What if every day off was a decision? What records could we break if we had record numbers chasing them? 


Project: Run Fearless

These thoughts were the beginning of the moonshot project: Run Fearless. With it, Nike embarked on a mission in 2019 to develop innovative injury-prevention footwear and run training solutions. All so runners can get more out of their training and lose the fear of injury.


Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

This year, Nike is expanding their offering that help runners run fearlessly by adding the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run. Equipped with the softest and most responsive cushioning Nike has ever developed.

Testing shows that the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run reduces injuries at a similar rate as the Nike React Infinity Run, which, in a separate study, was shown to reduce injuries by 52% compared to the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22, the traditional motion control shoe.

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run was designed primarily for longer training runs. For this purpose, the Flyknit upper has been further developed and now offers zones of breathability where the foot heats up the most. It is strong and durable and provides a secure fit for the foot. In addition, the collar is cushioned to provide a soft, comfortable feel - no matter how long the run gets.

Since it is designed especially for long runs, it has plenty of cushioning material accordingly. The Nike ZoomX foam is responsive and lightweight.  It is the same foam that is also used in Nikes world-record shoes of the Vapor and Alphafly series, and it is known to provide optimal energy return with every step. It. The higher foam height provides a comfortable and soft running experience even after many miles. The foam is shaped like a rocker to provide support for the three phases of a runner’s stride. Therefore, a balanced rollover with enough stability to keep even fatigued runners from pathological load distribution is possible. The wide, exaggerated shape at the forefoot and the panel at the heel provide additional stability.

Waffle outsole created using runner-informed data for traction where runners need it. This info also helped guide the design and look of the shoes sidewalls.

Due to the Corona situation and New Years resolutions, more people are currently running than ever before. What if everyone who set a goal achieved it? What if everyone who started running never had to stop?

Let us go on that mission together: Buy your Nike ZoomX Invincible Run now and get stability and support for miles.

Get more out of your run!