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Racing through Paris: Team Fire vs. Team Water

Racing through Paris: Team Fire vs. Team Water

18. 2. 2022 2 min. reading

Four international Top4Running Ambassadors have tested the new collections of Adidas and Nike in the streets of Paris. Team Fire vs. Team Water in the latest running shoes: Adidas Boston 10, Nike Pegasus 38, Adidas Adios Pro 2 and Nike Vaporfly Next%2

Water against fire, battle of the elements, two strong forces in one race. Or in this case: the new colorway of Nike vs. Adidas' new colorway.

While the new Adidas collection is oriented towards blue tones, Nike focuses on red this season. Reason enough to test the eye-catching collections with an international team in the streets of Paris. The race leads past the city''s iconic landmarks: starting at the impressive Louvre and leading through the romantic alleys of the Parisian city, passing the Seine, the race ends at the Eiffel Tower.


Four of our international Top4Running ambassadors will compete against each other in Team Water and Team Fire. Let us present you our two ambitious teams:

Team Water

Romane Lemière @runromane

  • Nationality: France
  • 22 y/o
  • Marathon Racer - preparing for Berlin marathon
  • Racing shoe: Adidas Boston 10

Bob Bertemes @berte.bob

  • Nationality: Luxembourg
  • 27 y/o
  • Physiotherapist and track athlete
  • Racing shoe: Adidas Adios Pro 2


Team Fire

Lisa Felicitas @lisa___felicitas

  • Nationality: Germany
  • 27 y/o
  • Marathon racer - preparing for season '22
  • Racing shoe: Nike Pegasus 38


Alex Filitti @alexfilitti

  • Nationality: Benelux
  • 27 y/o
  • Long distance duathlete
  • Racing shoe: Nike Vaporfly Next% 2



Today it's Romane versus Lisa and Alex versus Bob on the starting line. But who is winning the race? You can watch the video of the race exclusively here:

Click here for the video