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Review: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit shoes

Review: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit shoes

19. 2. 2021 5 min. reading

These shoes are going to be talked about.

After all, we cannot forget that this creation was born from the wishes of athletes who tested Vaporfly interactions without the plate.
Are the ZoomX Invincible the shoe that most closely resembles the Vaporfly in touch? Yes, this is so.
Due to the amount of foam ZoomX manages to remember and produce the same boat as soon as you put it on, and when you start running, you bounce the same and it sounds the same way. All this saving the distances in design, weight and the famous carbon fiber plate.


The ZoomX foam works much better than the Pegasus Turbo and is more reactive than the Zoom Fly midsole which is difficult to move; Although I have all these similarities with other shoes, the first sensations are a new experience for me and I am looking forward to more and more kilometers with them. As a great connoisseur of this would say, they are a speedometer.

It is a model with maximum cushioning (37 mm sole under the heel, 28 mm below the forefoot) with a 9 mm drop.
I have been fascinated by the cushioning, the midsole is soft and elastic with excellent protection and shock absorption.


In sneakers in general you get either bounce or softness, but it is difficult and rare to have both in one shoe. Nike with the Invincible Run, seems to have found the square of the circle with the ZoomX foam, which offers agile and fluid strides for daily training. Such is Nike's confidence in this foam that the Invincible midsole consists only of foam, with nothing else, which makes you feel all the ZoomX on your feet, reducing the weight of the shoe, 278 grams for men and 245 for women. This means that there is no Air unit or carbon plate to give structure and improve stability.

So how do you get this stability?
Well, they have considerably increased the width of the shoe, especially in the heel. And with a kind of horseshoe on the heel, they've also included a plastic heel clip and what Nike calls a support panel, basically a plastic wrap around the heel for a touch of extra support.


The upper is Flyknit, albeit with a few nuances: it looks more like a classic mesh than Nike's famous stretch and breathable fabric. On this model, it is dense and hard enough to ensure a more precise foot lock. It is consistent with the wide platform to improve stability. The foothold is excellent, the toe is wide enough to accommodate wider feet. The only weak spot noted is the thick ankle neck, which locks the heel but can potentially irritate with friction. The first day I went out with them I was delighted with the foam, but it was not clear if I liked that bulky heel, even though I was clear about its function. In addition, it has what the Americans call a rocker structure, a rocker type that makes a magnificent step from heel to toe, and if you center your footprint in the front half, you will feel how your foot is tipped forward.
The top is one of my favorite tops right now. It's comfortable, really comfortable. There is a lot of padding around the neck, while the reinforced tongue is almost like thick neoprene. The resistant flat laces secure everything perfectly, although I like the ones on other models better.


Finally, the sole is completely rubber with very thin studs. Traction is impeccable and durability seems to be there at first glance; time will tell. I venture to forecast between 800-1000 km, depending on the weight of the runner. So we could say that it can be a good shoe for compact dirt and asphalt. But on wet floors it slips.
Appearance is deceptive, and this shoe feels lighter than its actual weight on the run, probably due to that ZoomX bounce. It's not heavy footwear by any means, but if you were translating ZoomX at a "fast pace" you'd be wrong. But if you are an expert runner, the perception changes and thanks to the super reactive ZoomX foam and the incline, the rhythm shoots up without realizing it and without causing a sudden rise in pulse.



The Nike Zoom X Invincible Run will be an optimal shoe for middleweight runners and perhaps a heavier one who does not want the extra weight and bulk of the classic Structure 23 or Vomero 15.
Simply put, this is a great comfort daily training shoe with that unique ZoomX feel. I feel like this shoe will hit the mark for runners looking for a great shoe for long runs or easy days that can pick up the pace if totally necessary, but isn't really meant to.

But yes, the Invincibles will not leave anyone indifferent.

Chemi (Ambassador of Top4Running)