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Start running with Top4Running: 7 tips how to start running

Start running with Top4Running: 7 tips how to start running

5. 1. 2020 4 min. reading

The first days of January fled and you certainly made your plans for the new year, wrote down new resolutions, and among them to finally start running. It looks great on paper, but how do you put it into practice during the first few weeks?

Just for you, we launched this new series Start Running with Top4Running, where we regularly bring you new articles every week to move you on your new running track.

Today I have some tips for you that could work and you still run your first running race in the first half of the year :-)

7 tips how to start running

1) Set meaningful goals

Don't think about half marathon until you have run 5 or 10km. Start with wanting to run 5km in a month and then gradually add. Today is January, tell yourself that in the first half of the year you would like to run a 10km race and to enjoy it. And in the second half it could be the dreamed half marathon. Anyway, believe that at the moment you start to run is 21 km really far and after completing your first runs can be quite demotivating.

2) Build a habit

At the beginning it is good to start running 3 times a week, and in 3-4 weeks you will build a habit and running regularly will seem completely natural. Keep smaller volumes but regular. That's the magic of success. You will not be destroyed immediately, you will not hurt everything and you will not go to the next run with resistance. And after a couple of weeks you will even look forward to running.

3) Be patient

No scholar has fallen from heaven, nor has marathoner. We all had to work hard our way to our goals. Think about it. If it is not possible today, it does not matter, every kilometer on your way to the dream race, counts, even if it hurt or enjoyed you a little more than others.

4) Lets walk

The beginnings are really hard, even more in the winter. Going walking when you're not running is absolutely fine. The main thing is still moving. Start calmly and combine running with walking to manage to breathe and get tired during the first tens of meters.

5) Equip yourself

For starters, there is no need to buy the latest equipment, but quality shoes are really important. Visit our website and choose the best ones that will help you to start running. 
It works for me to buy new pieces of equipment after some milestones I set myself (beat race results or demanding workouts).

6) Motivate yourself with your own milestones

At first you don't have to buy sports watches, you just need your phone to download one of the running apps that will track your running. Personally, I can recommend NRC application from Nike or Strava. Both applications work great, Strava is a bit more community-based and you can join different running groups. NRC has great challenges and guided (spoken) workouts to make your run a little faster.

7) Get inspired, but don't compare

Instagram and other social networks are great for finding inspiration, but also a tool to quickly build your uncertainty in your own achievements. Track and motivate your running accounts, go running but don't compare results and times. It makes no sense. Everyone has different predispositions, everyone has different trainings and most of all shows just what they want :-) All the more if you are starting so I recommend you find similar runners like you to have a "real" comparison and not compare with ultramarathonists for example.

I believe that these 7 advices kicked you out at least a little :-)
In the next episode Run it with Top4Running, you can look forward to basic winter gear tips that you shouldn't miss in your wardrobes.

Have a successful January cross-country and share your running progress with #startrunningwithT4R on Instagram

Ivana Kopková (Ambassador Top4Running)

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