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The new ASICS Trail Collection

The new ASICS Trail Collection

26. 2. 2021 3 min. reading

Firm feet, for gripping adventures.

Take a moment, breathe, and soak it all in. Running in nature is a unique experience. It is an opportunity to reconnect with our surroundings and give our minds a chance to slow down. But you are only free to roam when you are comfortable in the knowledge that trusted technology is supporting you at every step. Therefore, ASICS has partnered with trail running experts to design apparel and shoes that will help you to master every off-road challenge.
The new collection of trail shoes includes the TRABUCO-MAX and the GEL-TRABUCO 9.
No matter the weather, or the terrain, these shoes promise unparalleled traction and grip. Meaning you're ready to chase those views, with grounded feet, so you can free your thoughts.




The TRABUCO MAX is functional for traction, cushioning, and energy efficiency on the trail. This shoe offers a protective grip, to run carefree anywhere and is therefore perfect for any trail runner.
The ASICSGRIP rubber gives unparalleled grip on every terrain - even the slipperiest of terrains. Uphill and downhill sole grooves help agility for your next trail running adventures.
GUIDESOLE technology’s pronounced toe-spring works with a plate that adds structure to the forefoot to create a rolling motion and help propel the foot forward. This technology helps reduce ankle flexion/extension and energy expenditure in the ankle joint components, including the muscle and tendons— meaning they can reduce energy expenditure and improve efficiency.
More FLYTEFOAM technology has been placed under the heel and forefoot to provide excellent cushioning and impact absorption on the trail. This foam is also lighter and more durable than traditional midsole foams.
This shoe comes with a gaiter system that helps keep trail debris out of the interior. Moreover, the toggled speed laces allow these shoes to easily be taken on and off.
You are looking for a shoe that has the right combination of grip and impact absorption? You run mostly trails and sometimes compete in ultra-races? Then this shoe is the perfect choice for you.


The GEL-TRABUCO 9 shoe has been re-engineered from top to bottom to assert itself as an all-around trail pioneer. It is built for a variety of runners who want a durable off-road trail shoe with a mix of cushioning, comfort, and traction.
The shoe is also equipped with the ASICSGRIP outsole and FLYTEFOAM technology. But in contrast to the TRABUCO MAX, a rock protection plate is included. This design features a flexible construction that helps shield the foot from sharp trail debris.
Moreover, the GEL TECHNOLOGY CUSHIONING is added instead of the GUIDESOLE technology used in the TRABUCO MAX. This cushioning material is found under the heel to help reduce shock when the foot contacts the ground.
Equipped with a DUOMAX support system that creates a more stable ride, this placement of foam on the medial side of the midsole offers a firmer density that keeps the foot from rotating inward too much (overpronation). 
This shoe is for trail running enthusiasts looking for a rugged shoe that is supportive and comfortable.
When you have the urge to explore - You need a grip you can trust. Discover where the trail could take you with this new collection: Propel yourself onwards with the GEL-TRABUCO 9 or try the TRABUCO MAX for unbeatable grip, even on the most challenging terrain.
And for the perfect trail look, check out the matching apparel collection from ASICS.

Get your faithful companion for your trail adventure now.

Lisa Felicitas - Top4Running ambassador