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Vltava Run: THE Relay Race in Europe

Vltava Run: THE Relay Race in Europe

22. 3. 2022 2 min. reading

The Vltava Run is THE relay race in Europe, 360km long across the Czech Republic. This blog gives you information about the event and a first impression of the Craft collection, which will be available exclusively at Top4Running.

Ever heard of the Vltava Run? No? Then it''s about time! Vltava Run is THE relay event in Europe. Every year it's sold out within 30 minutes. Spoiler: It's already sold out this year as well, so your participation will have to wait another year.


Top4Running is one of the key partners of the Vltava Run. We will be there with two ambassador teams and represent the Top4Running community. The event will take place from May 13 - 15th. The 360 km long running route leads across the Czech Republic, start is in Šumava in the southern part of the country, the finish line is in the capital city, Prague. The extremely long route is divided into 10-kilometer sections.

It leads along trails over country roads, through Šumava National Park, past rivers, through forests, over hills with a beautiful view, down into the valley, and through historic towns. It is run during the day, but also at night - a unique experience!


Top4running wants all runners to be able to participate regardless of their level and live this unique experience. Therefore, we will staff our 12-person teams with ambassadors of varying speeds.

The official collection will be launched by Craft and will be available exclusively in the Top4Running store. Here you can get a first look at the stylish running gear: