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What to eat after running?

What to eat after running?

10. 2. 2020 3 min. reading

“So what do I have after the run? I want to supplement all nutrients correctly, but I dont want to gain weight.” Are you also solving this question and with increasingly gathered information you have just the confusion? Yes, there is a lot of information. This makes it harder to understand them. So lets give it order.

In the previous article Start it up: What to eat before and during the run we have made clear what fuel to work on during the exercise. It is equally important to replenish the depleted resources. Chemistry is behind everything. Energy is stored in the body in the form of glycogen (liver and muscle), as well as in the form of fats (which is the largest source of energy) and last but not least, it is possible to decompose proteins as a source of energy. During the run glycogen stores and then fat stores. Heavy loads also damage various body structures, muscle fibers, etc. And, of course, the loss of fluids and minerals. All this has to be added to the organism to be able to regenerate and re-operate as quickly as possible at maximum power.

How to do it?


The scale is simple. The amount of fluid we lose should be refilled. The basic indicator of the amount of fluid in the body is the coloring of the urine. Too thick and dark urine indicates a lack of fluid. It is necessary to replenish not only water but also minerals. Therefore, the best source is a sports ionic drink.


Restoration of glycogen stocks

The average human glycogen supply is approximately 250-400 g. Athletes are able to hold supplies once as large as 800 g. However, these figures are very individual. Everything depends on physical condition and training intensity. The depleted sugar stocks need to be replenished. If the run has not been too long and difficult, the sugars contained in the ionic beverage may suffice. In case of more demanding activity, however, it is necessary to supply carbohydrates in larger quantities. It can be an energy bar, even half protein, banana, pasta, rice, bread, …

Energy bar


An important task of eating after running is effective regeneration. Mainly the recovery of damaged cells and tissues. Proteins serve this purpose. You are the only ones that our organism can not store, so it is necessary to remember them. Protein drinks, especially in today's busy times, or protein bars are a great help. The common diet is the ideal source of light meat (rabbit, turkey, chicken), eggs, cottage cheese, milk, dairy products, etc. Of plant products, especially legumes.

Once you are done, trained, include also vegetables in your diet. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Just after the load is the ideal time for her.

How to do it?

Easy Run : 

  • ionic drink
  • protein bar / drink
  • dinner: vegetable salad with lentils and grilled salmon

Hard training: 

  • ionic drink
  • energy / protein bar
  • dinner: natural turkey steak with rice, vegetable salad
  • protein drink

Jana Olejníčková 

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