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What to eat before and during running

What to eat before and during running

27. 1. 2020 4 min. reading

Are you working on your running form, the trainings have order and approaching the dream running goal? One thing is clear: “The training itself is the basis of success.” But physical training alone is not all. Stretching, regeneration, sleep and of course nutrition are just as important.

Running is exceptional. It involves the whole body in a complex way. Each step leads to an infinite number of repeated reflections and impacts. The entire digestive system is also in motion. This is the main reason why nutrition plays an important role in runners.

The process of digesting food and transforming it into energy works continuously. So we cannot set aside meals before running, but we need to focus on our overall eating habits. Just before the start we just do not delete the previous sins.

1st rule: “It depends on the overall diet. You will not erase previous sins with proper nutrition before start! ”

Energy production is a chemical process where carbohydrates are the main source of energy. Without the carbohydrates, the subsequent use of fats as a source of energy could not be started. It is obvious that they play a big role before the run. However, we must distinguish carbohydrates. Sugar (confectionery), the basic glucose, is a fast source of energy that, while supplying us with energy quickly, also disappears quickly. As soon as he arrives, he leaves quickly. This effect, a rapid fall in blood sugar, can cause a nice crisis in sports. It is therefore important to properly combine carbohydrates. The longer the run awaits, the more you focus on polysaccharides. Classify sugars just before the paddock.

How does it look in practice? As a bigger meal before the paddock we choose for example pasta with tomato paste and some cheese, porridge with fruit, rice with a piece of dietary meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, ..). Before the paddock then reach for simple carbohydrates that will kick and encourage you. I recommend energy gel, energy shot. For more kicking effect calmly enriched energy gel enriched with caffeine.


2nd rule: “Prefer complex carbohydrates. Choose simple carbohydrates before the enclosure. ”

We must not forget the drinking regime. Especially in the winter months this is a problem, because cold weather reduces our feeling of thirst. The human body is about 75% water. Here it is clear that the basis of the drinking regime should be water. In the case of high dispensing, it leaves together with water and minerals. There is room for ionic drinks. Their composition is optimized to deliver just the minerals we sweat. Do not hesitate to include them in your plan. Regular replenishment of minerals avoids not only convulsions but also other complications.

3rd rule: “Don't forget about the drinking regime. Drink mainly water, then ionic drink before and during the run! ”

Nutrition during running is very individual. It depends on what we are used to, how we train our body and last but not least on the surrounding conditions and type of running. It is a good idea to consider how long I can deliver the power without receiving energy. For some it can be 10 km, for trained individuals even half marathon. The perfect kickers, however, are energy gels, energy tablets and, of course, regular supplemental fluids in the form of an ionic drink. Supplement intake must be regular to avoid an energy crisis. For example, in a 20 km race, I recommend an ionic drink every 5 km and an energy gel (tablet) for 8 km and 16 km. On long lines we can also include an energy bar.

4th rule: “During the run, choose the source of energy in a form that best suits your stomach”

Keep Running!
Jana Olejníčková

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