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2 years
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The fastest marathon shoe is now even faster!

Nike ZoomX Next% running shoe sets the way to new records with a lightweight yet faster design. Improved in the area of foot cushioning and weight loss, it delivers unprecedented energy return and comfort.

The VaporWeave fabric in the front is made of a functional woven mesh that is lightweight and breathable, while firmly and comfortably fits the foot. Improved lacing system placed in light side rails, so no tape over the instep is needed. It reduces the weight of the shoe and relieves the pressure on the upper tendons.

Nike ZoomX foam has the best energy return rate from the Nike Running range and Next% technology has enabled a larger ZoomX foam for even more cushioning and comfort.

  • The layer of carbon fiber along the length of the midsole reduces the loss of energy in the shoe bends.
  • The wider tip will give you more space and force you to engage the muscles in the forefoot.
  • The longitudinal elastic grooves on the sole improves grip on different surfaces and in different weather conditions.
  • The speed of the translucent grid pattern is faster.

The newly designed Nike ZoomX midsole is extremely lightweight and delivers the greatest return on energy ever produced by Nike. This will help you achieve your most demanding goals.


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Running shoes Nike ZOOMX VAPORFLY NEXT%

Color: Pink
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