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We operate without restrictions with standard delivery time
Contactless delivery for your maximum security
We extend the deadline for returns to 60 days
More information

How to make a claim

Address for complaint:

Mailstep hall D2 - Top4Sport
Do Certous 2760/10
193 00 Prague 9
Czech Republic

  • If the product is defective, don’t use it and send it back immediately.

Step 1

Fulfill the claim form online in the overview of your orders.
Don't forget to fill in your IBAN.
After completing the form, you will get your claim number.

Step 2

Put the product together into a box, together with the copy of the invoice with the claim number written on it.
The original package is not necessary.
The product has to be dry and not dirty.

Step 3

Drop your parcel to the nearest post office/ to the courier.
The postage is paid by the customer. Do not send goods cash on delivery.
Personal transfer at this address is not possible.

Step 4

We will inform you per email about receiving of the goods.
The claim will be processed in 60 days and you will be informed about the claim result by an email.