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ASICS Superblast: New Release

ASICS Superblast: New Release

24. 11. 2022 2 min. reading

Super light with even more cushioning and energy return: The ASICS Superblast is here! Get all infos about the new running shoe and learn what's different to the ASICS Novablast and Metaspeed Sky +

Your new speed shoe for fast training runs is here: The ASICS Superblast!

The running shoe is super light and yet gives you the necessary comfort to protect your feet in the best possible way during your long runs and to support you with energy in every step.


What's the technology inside?

In the men's version, the shoe weighs just 239 grams (U.S. men's size 9). It comes with a total stack height of 45.5 mm (heel height is 45.5 mm and forefoot height 37.5 mm). This results in the highest midsole of all ASICS running shoes to date.

Comfortable cushioning is provided by FF Blast Turbo foam technology. Paired with the FF Blast Plus sole, this results in a soft and comfortable shoe that supports a super bouncy and energetic stride, protecting you from injury even when running a high volume in training.

What is the ASICS Superblast made for?

This new running shoe is great for long and fast runs, for recovery training, and simply for recharging your mind and body. 

"The ASICS Superblast is a very good training shoe, which in my opinion is particularly made for long runs or even fast, longer tempo sessions. But also for recovery runs the Superblast is a great partner to save energy."
- Leon Steinkrug / Top4Running Ambassador DE

ASICS Superblast compared to Novablast and Metaspeed Sky +?

The new ASICS Superbalst is the perfect combination of the ASICS Novablast - as a fast training shoe, and Metaspeed Sky + - as a top racing shoe. It has no carbon plate, but the foam of the midsole is based on the FF Blast Turbo material, which was first used in the Metapseed Sky +. This allows it to combine the benefits of a fast racing shoe with the cushioning and support of a fast training shoe and is suitable for long runs, tempo runs and everything in between.

Price Point: Get the new running shoe at top4running for 220 euros:

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