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4.75 out of 5 Stars
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  • Soy R. 18. 10. 2023
    Light, fast, and confortable. High quality. I´m used to wear Salomon Sense Ride 4, but this Speed Cross is perfect for me as well. The grip is fantastic and the drop is the correct for me, 10 mm. The SpeedCross is more specific for grass terrains, but their beauviour is excellent in soft ground as well. I´m 62 kg, so i can use them even for marathon and short ultra. Due to their lighness i can run at high rithyms. I´m very happy with the shop and with the shoes.
  • František B. 7. 9. 2023
  • ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΑ �. 27. 8. 2022
  • David P. 8. 8. 2022